Technological platforms


The Institut Pasteur de Lille supports several technological platforms, some of which are part of the PLBS service unit (Plateformes Lilloises en Biologie et Santé). Beyond Lille academic research, technological platforms located at the Pasteur Lille campus are also opened to the entire scientific community, inclusing to biotechnology and pharmaceutical research companies.

PLBS is a joint service unit (UMS 2014 CNRS – US 41 Inserm), directed by Sophie Crespin, open to the entire scientific community in Biology and Health. PLBS’s mission is to pool the expertise of 80 engineers and technicians, to develop innovative methodological approaches and to widely open the access to cutting-edge technological tools. PLBS was born from the will of the University of Lille, CNRS, Inserm, Lille University Hospital and IPL to provide structured research support for the 25 laboratories dedicated to Biology and Health in Lille.

On the Pasteur Lille campus, the 6 affiliated platforms taking part to PLBS :

cytométrie cellulaire pasteur lille

BICeL – BioImaging Center Lille, cell imaging and cytometry platform
Responsible : Frank Lafont

plateforme ariadne pasteur lille

ARIADNE – Criblage, high content and high throughput screening platform
Responsible : Florence Leroux

plateforme protéomique pasteur lille

P3M : Proteomics and Modified Proteins analysis platform
Responsible : Jean-Michel Saliou

plateforme pletha pasteur lille

PLEHTA : Animal Experimentation and High Technology Platform
Responsible : Fabrice Infanti

bilille plateforme pasteur lille

Bilille : Bioinformatics, bioanalysis and biostatistics
Responsible : Guillemette Marot

transcriptomique pasteur lille

TAG : Transcriptomics and applied genomics
Responsible : David Hot

The other platforms of the Pasteur Lille campus are as follows :

Plateforme ariadne adme

Responsible : Florence Leroux

résonnance magnétique pasteur lille

NMR : Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Responsible : Isabelle Landrieu

génomique pasteur lille

LIGAN MP – Genomics and metabolic diseases
Responsible : Philippe Froguel

laboratoire d'étude du génome pasteur lille

LAG – Laboratory for the study of the genome
Responsibles : Philippe Amouyel and Amandine Flaig

chimie des peptides pasteur lille

Peptide chemistry
Responsible : Oleg Melnyk