Proteomics and modified peptides platform (P3M)

Joint Service Unit PLBS (Platforms Lille in Biology & Health) – UMS 2014 – US41

Plateforme d'analyses P3M


The Plateforme d’analyse Protéomique et de Protéines Modifiés (P3M)  is a technical platform of the Institute Pasteur of Lille. P3M offers expertise ranging from the identification of proteomes by nanoLC-MSMS and the use of databases or de novo analysis, to their quantification with or without labeling. The available equipment also allows the study of post-translational modifications (PTM) of small sizes with or without enrichment, as well as the characterization of protein maturation events.

PTM analysis of a protein can be performed at the peptide level, but also by mass analysis of the entire protein by LC-MS. P3M also has the native mass know-how for the analysis of interactions between proteins, ligands or nucleic acids. P3M belongs to the service unit PLBS – UMS 2014 – US 41 (


  • January 2020 : P3M integrates the service unit PLBS.
  • Jume 2020 : Developpement of the protein’s Thermal Profiling by TMT quantification.
  • September 2020 : AS Lacoste recruitment.
  • January 2021 : the collaboration between P3M and PAGés (Plateforme d’Analyse des Glycoconjugués) is certified by the Infrastructure in BioHealth/Agriculture label (GIS IBiSA – “Infrastructure en Biologie Sante et Agronomie“).

Transversal projects

  H2020-SC1-BHC. Acronyme : FAIR

JC Sirard, Center of Infection and Immunity of Lille : Flagellin Aerosol Therapy as an Immunomodulatory Adjunct to the Antibiotic Treatment of Drug-Resistant Bacterial Pneumonia.

  Glycoprotéomic project

Collaboration with the PAGés for the characterization and quantification of antibody’s glycopeptid.


Jean-Michel SALIOU
Research engineer IPL, group leader

Anne-Sophie LACOSTE
Research engineer UL


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Proteomics ; Post traductional modification ; Glycoproteomics ; Native mass

Team contact

Jean-Michel Saliou
Research engineer, group leader
03 20 87 71 76