BioImaging Center Lille Facility (BICeL)

Plateformes Lilloises en Biologie & Santé – PLBS – UMS 2014 – US 41

plateforme bicel pasteur lille


The BioImaging Center Lille (BICeL) is the academic platform for imaging, histology and cytometry of the University Hospital Campus, the Faculty of Science and Technology and the Pasteur Institute of Lille.

The BICeL brings together expertise, know-how and equipment on four platforms: (1) cytometry & flow imaging, (2) histology, (3) biophotonics and (4) electronic microscopy. Research & development in imaging techniques extends from the cell, to tissues and small rodent and aquatic organisms. The Pasteur Campus site offers access to very high technology instruments such as a scanning electron microscope for (cryo)tomography, a flow imager, microscopes in confinement security labs for fast, high-resolution video and intravital imaging.  BICeL belongs to the service unit PLBS – UMS 2014 – US 41 (


  • The Facility has benefited from fundings from the EquipEx Investment for the Future Program (ImagInEx BioMed) supported by European Regional Developmental Funds and also from the CPER Longevity and support from the University of Lille. The scientific developments are carried out in particular in super-resolution biophotonic microscopy and correlative microscopy with the F Lafont team at the Infection and Immunity Center of Lille. The facilities are open to requests from academic and private laboratories.


DR CNRS / IPL, scientific Director of BioImaging Center Lille (BICeL), scientific manager

Engineer IPL, technical manager Image Analysis

Technical manager Photonic Microscopy incl. Intravital Microscopy

Research engineer CRNS, Image analysis and super-resolution microscopy manager

Nicolas BAROIS
Research Engineer Inserm, technical manager

Research engineer IPL, technical manager

Christelle FAVEEUW
CR Inserm, scientific manager


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Transmission & Scanning Electronic Microscopy ; Intravital microscopy ; Correlative microscopy ; Flow cytometry & imaging

Team contact

Frank Lafont
Scientific director
03 20 87 11 36