Research units of Institut Pasteur de Lille

8 units are the basis of research at the Institut Pasteur de Lille. The teams work in partnership with the University of Lille, Inserm, the CNRS and the Lille University Hospital.

nuclear receptors unité pasteur lille

Director : Bart Staels

Drugs and molecules for living systems

Director : Benoit Deprez

Center of infection and immunity of lille

U1019 – UMR9017
Director : Jean Dubuisson

chemical environment environnement chimique unité pasteur lille

Genetic toxicology laboratory
Group leader : Fabrice Nesslany

aging disease unité pasteur lille

Director : Philippe Amouyel

functional genomics unité pasteur lille

U1283 – UMR8199
Director : Philippe Froguel

diabetes unité pasteur lille

Director : François Pattou

canther unité pasteur lille

UMR9020 – UMR1277
Director : Isabelle Van Seuningen