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The Institut Pasteur de Lille has an international medical research center on its campus divided into eight units, with multidisciplinary and transversal skills. This research center consists of 34 research teams which aim to understand more about the underlying pathological mechanisms surrounding diseases with the most impact to human health, in particular those which are infectious, in order to understand more about these diseases, slow down their development and discover the treatments of tomorrow.

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Over the past years, researchers have endeavored, together with their research partners, to be affiliated with excellent laboratories and facilities financed as part of the “PIA” (Investment Programme for the Future).

The Institut Pasteur de Lille’s campus boasts an exceptional number of high level facilities and technology platforms serving all researchers in the regional scientific community. It also has the largest molecule library in Europe – the chemical library – where thousands of tests are conducted every year, helping in the discovery of new prescription drugs.

International medical research center 

The Institut Pasteur de Lille scientific and medical research center brings together 34 research teams, in partnership with the University of Lille, INSERM, CNRS, and Lille University Hospital. It also works in partnership with the Oscar Lambret Anti-Cancer Center, the Catholic University of Lille and INRIA of Lille.

Research teams work on a daily basis to identify and characterize the genetic, environmental, metabolic and infectious factors that contribute to the decline in the functional performance of cells and the body called “aging”.

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