Bioinformatics, bioanalysis and biostatistics (Bilille)

Plateformes Lilloises en Biologie & Santé – PLBS – UMS 2014 – US 41

Plateforme Bilille Pasteur Lille


Bilille is the Lille bioinformatics platform within the UMS 2014 – US 41 “Plateformes Lilloises en Biologie et Santé”. Bilille is also a member of the French Institute of Bioinformatics.
It is located on three sites: Cité Scientifique, Campus Hospitalo-Universitaire and Campus Pasteur Lille.

The platform has transverse and diversified expertise. Its scientific scope includes in particular :

  • Omics data analysis (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metagenomics, epigenetics, …)
  • Sequence annotation
  • Phylogeny
  • Systems biology
  • Structural bioinformatics
  • Integrative biology
  • High content screening data analysis
  • Image data analysis

The platform missions take many forms :

  • Scientific project support for research units
  • Analysis pipeline and database development
  • Training
  • Making available high performance computing resources
  • Scientific and technological events


  • New joint technical direction of Bilille starting January 1st, 2021 with the recruitment of Pierre Pericard (Université de Lille) and Jimmy Vandel (CNRS).
  • The EquipEx+ MuDiS4LS project supported by the French Institute of Bioinformatics (IFB) was granted on December 18, 2020. bilille as an IFB member is also a partner of this project.

Transversal projects

  EquipEx+ MuDiS4LS (Mutualised Digital Space for Life Sciences)

Develop a framework to orchestrate the fluxes of biological data, from their source to their public release via national or international repositories, whilst ensuring their safety during the intermediate phases of analysis and exploitation.

  Projet H2020 FAIR

Leverage a flagellin aerosol therapy as an immunomodulatory adjunct to the antibiotic treatment of drug-resistant bacterial pneumonia (JC Sirard, CIIL).


Guillemette MAROT
Lecturer, Univ Lille, scientific leader

Research engineer, Univ Lille, technical co-leader

Research engineer, Univ Lille, technical co-leader

Technical engineer, IPL

Research engineer, Univ Lille

Clémentine CAMPART
Technical engineer, Univ Lille

Technical engineer, Univ Lille

Technical engineer, Univ Lille

Technical engineer, Univ Lille

Isabelle GUIGON
Research engineer, Univ Lille


Khelifa A.S., Guillen Sanchez C., Lesage K.M., et al.
TgAP2IX-5 is a key transcriptional regulator of the asexual cell cycle division in Toxoplasma gondii.
Nat. Commun. 12, 116 (2021).

Audebert C., Bonardi F., Caboche S., et al.
Genetic basis for virulence differences of various.
Scientific Reports 10(1):7316 (2020).

Guigon I., Legrand S., Berthelot JF., et al.
miRkwood: a tool for the reliable identification of microRNAs in plant genomes.
BMC Genomics 20, 532 (2019).

Cuvelliez M., Vandewalle V., Brunin M., et al.
Circulating proteomic signature of early death in heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction.
Scientific Reports 9:19202 (2019).

Pericard P., Dufresne Y., Couderc L., et al.
MATAM: reconstruction of phylogenetic marker genes from short sequencing reads in metagenomes.
Bioinformatics 15;34(4):585-591 (2018).


Bioinformatics ; Statistical learning ; Machine learning ; Bioanalysis ; Multi-omics ; Analysis pipeline ; Database ; Sequence annotation

Team contact

Guillemette Marot
Bilille scientific leader
03 20 62 68 32 (Faculté de médecine)
03 59 57 79 77 (Inria)