Center of Infection and Immunity of Lille


INSERM U1019 – CNRS UMR9017 – Université de Lille – CHU Lille
Director : Jean Dubuisson

The Center for Infection & Immunity of Lille (CIIL) is composed of 14 research teams. The majority of its researchers are biologists specialized in the study of infectious agents and the immune response. The presence of chemists and biophysicists within the CIIL is an additional asset which offers the potential for technological developments in protein chemical synthesis and mechanobiology.

The CIIL develops research projects on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of infectious and chronic inflammatory diseases with the aim of applying this knowledge to the development of improved diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics.

Centre d'infection et d'immunité de Lille

Multidisciplinary projects

To achieve these goals, our center gathers complementary expertise, covering a wide range of disciplines including epidemiology, microbiology, virology, parasitology, molecular and cellular biology, immunology, chemistry and biophysics. The CIIL studies bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases and the immune reaction against these infections as well as related immune dysfunctions of non-infectious diseases such as allergic asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

We also work on opportunistic infections in the context of cystic fibrosis which is the most frequent human genetic disease. The major infectious diseases that we investigate are tuberculosis, pneumococcal pneumonia, whooping cough, plague, hepatitis C and E, influenza, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), malaria, schistosomiasis, toxoplasmosis, cryptosporidiosis and blastocystosis. The CIIL focuses its research activities on three major themes: (1) innovative anti-infective approaches, (2) respiratory diseases and (3) emerging zoonotic infectious diseases.

Research teams

  Chemogenomic of intracellular mycobacterium

Group leader : Priscille Brodin

  Molecular and cellular virology

Group leader : Jean Dubuisson

  Cellular and physical microbiology of infection

Group leader : Frank Lafont

  Biology and chemistry of Plathelminthes

Group leader : Oleg Melnyk

  Research on Mycobacteria and Bordetella

Group leader : Nathalie Mielcarek

  Tropical biomes and immune-pathophysiology

Group leader : Sylviane Pied

  Plague and Yersinia pestis

Group leader : Florent Sebbane

  Bacteria, Antibiotics and Immunity

Group leader : Jean-Claude Sirard

  Influenza, Immunity and Metabolism

Group leader : François Trottein

  Pulmonary immunity

Group leader : Anne Tsicopoulos

  Ecology and pathophysiology of intestinal Protozoa

Group leader : Eric Viscogliosi

  Chemical biology of antibiotics

Group leader : Ruben Hartkoorn

  Mechanobiology of Host-Microbe interactions

Group leader : Alexandre Grassart

  Chronicity of Viral Infections (CVI)

Group leader : Fernando Real