Nuclear receptors, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases


Lille University – Lille University Hospital – Inserm – Institut Pasteur de Lille
Director : Bart Staels

UMR1011 teams study, through complementary molecular and cellular biology approaches, and through (patho) physiological approaches and integrated technological expertise, the mechanisms at the origin of alterations in lipid and glucose metabolism, and immune system occurring in pathophysiological conditions such as metabolic syndrome, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and type 2 diabetes as well as its associated cardiovascular complications (atherosclerosis, heart failure, valve disease).

Recepteurs moléculaires pasteur lille

Identify new therapeutics strategies

One of the main areas of research is the role of nuclear receptors as regulators and pharmacological targets of these pathophysiological conditions. The validation by translational approaches of our research is an important objective, which we carry out thanks to a close interaction with the clinicians of the unit, EGID (Labex European Genomic Institute of Diabetes) and (inter) national collaborations. allowing studies on human cohorts and biobanks (ABOS in EGID, 2 RHU programs, Resolve EU FP7, TOMIS / CALMOS, Leducq LEAN etc …).

Our objective is to transpose the experimental results to the patients and, reciprocally, the clinical observations towards experimental approaches to generate new hypotheses to be verified at the molecular / cellular level thanks in particular to specific animal models. Our ultimate goal is to identify new targets, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to prevent and treat these pathologies.

Our ambition is to maintain our high international visibility and to remain at the forefront in this field.

Research teams

  Cardiac pathologies, blood flow abnormalities and haemostasis

Group leaders : Sophie Susen / Eric Van Belle

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