Bacteria, Antibiotics and Immunity

INSERM U1019 – CNRS UMR9017- Lille University – CHU Lille – Institut Pasteur de Lille
Bactéries Immunité et Antibiotiques


Antibiotics have revolutionized modern medicine but antibiotic resistance is an increasing threat to health. The National, and International action plans demonstrate the necessity to develop innovative research to stop the progression of resistance in community-acquired and care-related bacterial infections. Antibiotics are uniquely considered as direct antimicrobial agents but there are several pieces of evidence that host immunity contributes to the efficacy of the antibiotic treatment. Deciphering the nature of cellular and molecular immune effectors contributing to antibiotic activity will open avenues to innovative approaches to combat infections with multidrug-resistant bacteria.

The team will promote two main research axes :

  • Development of an adjunct therapy in bacterial pneumonia.
  • Identification of immune correlates of protection throughout the differentiation and function of myeloid cells during antibiotic treatment of infections.


  • Coordination of the European project FAIR which aims at testing a first-in-man clinical study of an aerosoltherapy stimulating respiratory innate immune defenses.
  • Collaborative project with Pr Jan-Willem Veening, EPFL, on the identification of virulence factors of pneumococcus.
  • Participation in the European projects TRANSVAC2 and VETBIONET for the production of a preclinical batch of recombinant protein and the treatment of infections respiratory tract in pigs.


Jean-Claude SIRARD
DR2 Inserm, group leader
ORCID number : 0000-0001-9854-4652

Christelle FAVEEUW
CRCN Inserm, principal investigator
ORCID number : 0000-0002-8373-3992

Christophe CARNOY
Professor Univ Lille, principal investigator
ORCID number : 0000-0003-2047-5153

Anne-France GEORGEL
Biologist PharmD-PhD, GHICL
Frédéric WALLET
Clinician MD, CHU Lille

Post-doctoral fellow, IPL
Numéro ORCID : 0000-0001-6005-1078

Post-doctoral fellow, Inserm

Post-doctoral fellow, Inserm
ORCID number : 0000-0001-9495-5403

Charlotte COSTA
PhD student, Inserm-Univ Lille
Xing LI
PhD student, PhD Health program iSite-Univ Lille
PhD student, ARS-Univ Lille


PhD student, Inserm-Univ Lille
Delphine CAYET
Engineer, IPL
Engineer, IPL


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Innate immunity ; Immunotherapy ; Pneumonia ; Antibioresistance

Team contact

Jean-Claude Sirard
Group leader